Friday, November 7, 2008

Link: object disposal, finalization and resource management

This time I publish a link to an article - the article itself is really perfect. "Must know" for any .NET developer.

Here are some quotations from it to make you a bit more interested:
- Do allow your Dispose method to be called more than once. The method may choose to do nothing after the first call. It should not generate an exception.
- Consider setting disposed fields to null before actually executing Dispose when reference cycles in an object graph are possible.
- Avoid throwing an exception from within Dispose except under critical situations where the containing process has been corrupted.
- Do not assume your finalizer will always run.
- Do write finalizers that are tolerant of partially constructed instances.
- Do write finalizers that are threading-agnostic. Finalizers can execute in any order, on any thread, can occur on multiple objects concurrently, and even on the same object simultaneously.
- Do gracefully handle situations in which your finalizer is invoked more than once.

The original article is here.


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