Monday, July 20, 2009

Separate Microsoft Help 2.0 SDK installation

It's well-known that Microsoft Help 2.0 SDK can be installed only as part of Visual Studio 2005/2008 SDK - there is simply no separate installer for it. Thanks to us, there is such an installer now, moreover, it contains both Microsoft Help 1.0 and Microsoft Help 2.0 SDKs.

You can download it here (as .rar archive) - there are just 2.8 MB instead of more than 100 MB you should normally install (Visual Studio 2008 SDK).

Installation instructions:
- Extract appropriate SDK folder(s) to "C:\Program Files\"
- Use Install.bat and Uninstall.bat inside SDK folders to install or uninstall a particular one.
- If you can't use "C:\Program Files\" as installation location, update paths in .reg files.

Happy documenting ;)

P.S. Check out FiXml - quite likely it will be helpful for you as well.